Manufacturing process

1.Equipment preparation

Equipment preparation

Prepare the semen collection equipment



And semen collected at the “Gihindai”

3.Dilution preparation

Dilution preparation

To keep the dilution to 30 degrees in the water bath.

4.Vitality inspection

Vitality inspection

To check the vitality of the stock in the monitor.

5.Primary dilution

Primary dilution

Dilute the semen to 2 to 5 times.

6.Secondary dilution

Secondary dilution

Drop the glycerin in the drip.

7.Glycerin equilibrium

Glycerin equilibrium

Glycerin puts three to four hours to stabilize.

8.Straw printing machine

Straw printing machine

It prints the bull name to the straw.

9.Vitality inspection

Vitality inspection

Check the vitality of pre-frozen semen.

10.Semen dispensing apparatus

Semen dispensing apparatus

It injected semen in straw.

11.Frozen storage preparation

Frozen storage preparation

Rest the semen straw basket for refrigeration.

12.Liquid nitrogen refrigeration accelerate work

Liquid nitrogen refrigeration accelerate work

We will beat the basket stood a straw to an apparatus for was placed in liquid nitrogen.

13.Frozen after the vitality inspection

Frozen after the vitality inspection

14.Semen stored work

Semen stored work

And store separately semen straw after freezing for each bull.

15.Semen sale work

Semen sale work